Petrol vs Diesel running cost calculator

Petrol vs Diesel running cost calculator

Petrol Diesel
Cost per litre 77 72.5
Mileage - kmpl 13.5 17.5
Running Cost Rs. Per litre 5.7037 4.1429
Cost of Car 700000 800000
Cost difference of diesel 100000
Maintenance cost per service 3000 5000
Services per Year 1 1
Maintenance cost per year 3000 5000
Extra Maintenance on Diesel per year 0
Daily Running Kms 40
Daily Runing Cost Rs. 228.1481 165.7143
Daily Cost saving on diesel 62.4339
Monthly Saving on diesel 1623.2804
Time to recover diesel engine cost 61.6037 5.1336 Years
Extra Maintenance on diesel at break even point 0
Additional period to cover higher maintenance till break even 0 0 Years
Gross Break even point 61.6037 5.1336 Years
Current Rate of Interest against Deposits (in %) 0.075
Interest earned per year if diesel engine money was invested 7500
Total Loss of interest Till break even 38502.2816
Extra Period to Cover Loss of Interest 23.7188 1.9766 Years
Actual Break Even Point 85.3225 7.1102 Years

What is the best buy between petrol and diesel in terms of running costs? Petrol vs diesel running cost calculator with the help you decide the better choice. The choice very much related to daily km run of the car but none the less another factor like maintenance and high initial cost for the engine also master. You can use a car running cost calculator to find out the ownership cost between petrol and diesel car.

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